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Forklift Speed Limiter


SPEEDLOCK-Plus is a very comprehensive and highly reliable product. SPEEDLOCK-Plus’s hardware is produced from information gathered through years of experience.

SPEEDLOCK-Plus is designed to stop speeding drivers by limiting the forklift travel speed without affecting the hydraulic lifting power.

SPEEDLOCK-Plus is completely adjustable whether it’s the limiter aviation time or truck speed.

With proper truck installations, SPEEDLOCK-Plus enables the truck to be pre-programme to specific speed requirements. By using simple mechanical system, we can modify the throttle of the forklift to manage the speed of the forklift.

SPEEDLOCK-Plus offers 3 speeds setting and reversing alarm features as standard and can be installed in conjunction with our other safety products to provide a safe and productive environment.

Key Benefits

  • Improve workplace safety
  • Eliminate speeding drivers
  • Warn pedestrians
  • Improve driving standards
  • Decrease damage
  • Lower fuel expenditure
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Key Features

  1. Driving reminder Upon starting of vehicle, the device will remind operator basic safety procedures.
  2. Reversing Alarm When the vehicle is reversing, an audio alarm will be activated to alert passers-by.
  3. Speed warning The system comes 3 speed indication function.
    a. Travelling reminder when vehicle is turn on, the Visual stroke light activates to indicate vehicle is in operation.
    b. Speed indicator Upon speed of vehicle reaching the 1st pre-set speed – speed alert, the visual and audio alarm is activated, indicating that vehicle is moving within the 1st pre-set speed and the speed limit.
    c. Speed limit lock After exceeding the pre-set speed limit for a pre-set time, the mechanical speed limiter or the electronic throttle controller will be activated, reducing the speed to the pre-set limit without affect acceleration and lifting of the forklift at any time.
  4. Easy feature Setting With the function of remote-control setting, the system can be set within one meter.
  5. Easy to install As a modular system, it is easy to install onto forklift with little modification. Signals from a wireless sensor or taped from existing speed sensor further reduce installation time and cost.
  6. Durability High temperature resistance, IP67 waterproof, Dust-proof, Low temperature resistance, Weatherproof, Shockproof.

Product Feature

1. Host - New design concept,stable performance ,shockproof ,Eco material.

2. Wireless speed sensor - easy to install, without any damage to the forklift.

3. IR Remote control - easy to setting parameter,volume ,speed level.

4. Audio prompts - High level volume, with safety tips reverse prompts,maintenance tips,voice navigation etc...

5. IP67 waterproof grade - shell with waterproof material,waterproof connector.

6. Working temperature - it can work normally at -40 ° C to 85 ° C.


1. Driving reminder

2. Speed warning

3. Overspeed alarm

4. Speed limit lock

5. Mechanical Throttle control

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